The Holding Company of Shawarma Jalila: approximately 25% Less Logistical Costs using Automations

pallets in saudi arabia

Success creators is a Saudi holding company in the F&B industry that holds many close-to-heart brands including Shawarma Jalila – They have incredible shawarmas. Take our word for it! – Eggsactly restaurant, and BTW Cafe for speciality coffee along with other successful brands with more than 15 locations across the kingdom. Most F&B companies, including Success Creators, have to order inventory consistently, especially items essential to its operations like packaging materials (bags, cups, lids), tools, and others.

Prior to Sirdab, they realized that their warehousing solution was getting too costly, and has added immense operational and logistical hassle on the team. This pushed the company to use Sirdab as an experimental solution starting with only one brand and one location, and ending up expanding to other brands and locations only after two months of trial. 🚀

What pushed them to change? And how did they strategically manage the transition to guarantee positive results?

Let’s take a few steps back..

The Challenge: The High Cost & Inefficient Operations of Logistics

In 2022, the company made the incredible step of acquiring a portion of BTW Cafe, which was a turning point and a catalyst for their decision to look for a better logistical solution. They needed one that served their evolving need for more storage space and offered a systematic way to handle the operations associated with it. All of that without breaking the bank.

This is when the Supply Chain department realized that the current solution used then limited this growth opportunity, and so change became a priority. They decided to partner with Sirdab, a tech-enabled and flexible warehousing and logistics solution.

The Solution: Sirdab for On-Demand Warehousing & Logistics

pallets in saudi arabia

With only a few days left in their previous annual contract, Sirdab came to the rescue, and moved all of their inventory from its previous location to one of Sirdab’s licensed network of warehouses in less than two days 🔥

They were also able to access all of Sirdab’s services including:

The seamless setup of these services had an instant effect on the team’s capacity, which pushed the rest of the brands like Shawarma Jalila to follow BTW’s footsteps and join as a partner with Sirdab shortly after.

The Results: 25% less logistical costs & more seamless operations

pallets in saudi arabia

Success Creators – we see now where the name came from! – has seen major positive results in such a short amount of time according to their budget reports. The department have attributed such success to multiple factors:

 1- Tech-enabled & streamlined operations

Before this partnership, the logistics team consisted of 4 members:

This team was not only needed to manage all of the tasks mentioned, but also essential to handle all manual communications using phone calls, whatsapps, or emails with the previous company. This created an unstructured and untrackable process, and made the whole journey more susceptible to human error; further increasing the cost and headache associated with the projected growth.

The introduction of Sirdab’s digital portal made such demanding tasks easy to complete and manage by only one employee; he was able to create a simple internal process that can seamlessly integrate with Sirdab’s system with the click of a button. Sirdab’s team handles everything else from preparing inventory for pickup, quality and quantity check, and delivery – a noticeable departure from a solution that needed at least 4 people to manage, and with way less mistakes due to automation.

2- More breathing room to grow

Fixed, long-term contracts are generally a risk to many companies, but it was especially risky to Success Creators during this acquisition process because it meant needing to rent another warehouse with yet another long-term contract to accommodate the transition. This increased the potential for paying for an unused space if anything goes out of plan. Not to mention the long wait time required to create a functional, licensed, and safe warehouse.

Sirdab’s flexible approach to contracting is developed to accommodate modern-day businesses that need to grow rapidly and adapt to external changes quickly. A flexible contract means that the company can scale up or down based on changing market needs, which served Success Creators perfectly in this case.

The digital portal also provided all the analytics and reports needed to predict future trends and plan accordingly for any needed supplies. In addition to these reports, Success Creators had visibility over the quantity and condition of all of their inventory, and were able to receive email notifications for any item that’s at risk of becoming out of stock. Therefore, the company avoided ordering more or less than their actual need, and faced way less mistakes in the process; saving them time and money at the end of the road.

3- Reducing fleet volume by 80%

Since the previous solution didn’t offer a way to manage and operate the inventory, the company resorted to hiring its own drivers, warehouse employees, and their own in-house employees as well to manage the inbounds, outbounds, and be responsible for quality assurance. It also led them to purchase and manage their own fleet to ensure proper distribution to its locations.

With Sirdab handling all of their logistics, there was no need to keep their fleet in-house. This not only saved them the car maintenance, gas, and driver costs, which accounted for saving more than 100k SAR annually, but also the valuable time and resources that was wasted managing and tracking all of these orders.

Streamlining manpower, eliminating the need to operate a fleet, and having a smarter inventory management solution reduced Success Creators’ overall logistical costs by %25, and saved them all sorts of hassle associated with managing their operations manually.

A flexible and Sustainable Way to Manage Logistics

Success Creators plans to join more locations with Sirdab, and store even different types of inventory such as manufacturing materials, or even food and beverages (in Sirdab’s cold warehouses!)

This decision has created a fundamental change in how the company operates and manages their logistics, and positively affected multiple areas via automation, data collection, improving the company’s team structure, and reducing the direct and indirect costs associated with inefficient operational management.

Sirdab’s team is extremely happy with this partnership, and would like to thank Success Creators for their trust in their services!

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